Gaydon Mini Show

Gaydon Mini has long since been a club favourite although it does vary from year to year, sometimes good, sometimes excellent and sometimes a bit disappointing, this year was good, last year was very overcrowded and we struggled to even park, poor effort.

This year as few members wanted to go after last years poor effort we went as guests of the Clubman Estate register, what with Liz and Andy being Devils members also I thought this counts as a ‘Devils’ adventure also…… 🙂

A lot of Minis turned up this year to a show with lots of traders and a large car museum, although nowhere near as many as last years show, what with it being the 50th year of the Mini and all, it was far more popular last year.

The show was ok, not as bad as some of the previous years, Russ Swift wasn’t there for starters doing his stunt driving display but it was still good.

Norfolk Mini Show

The Norfolk Mini has recently been plagued by bad weather ….. and this year would be no exception unfortunately, however we still made the effort to go.

Attendance numbers were down a bit i think, probably due to recent poor weather, whilst the sun shone initially this year it was very windy and the gazebo took yet another beating.

The show was good as always, a fair few traders in attendance.

The show came to a premature end when the weather took a turn for the worst and a mahoosive rain storm came along, we had to take the gazebo down in the rain as it couldn’t take any more storm force winds and got absolutely soaked. We left shortly afterwards and just before a large thunderstorm hit, crazy weather

Enfield Pagent

We attended the Enfield pagent this year thanks to Trevor who had some spare tickets, having never been before we didn’t know what to expect but had heard very good things about this show. Once again the weather would be very unkind to us….

The organisers of the show were pleased that some Minis had turned up as they could use them for the junior motorcycle display team to jump over.

Whilst waiting to enter the arena the rain started and it absolutely threw it down, nigh on continued all day long.

The show is huge, loads to see and do and lots of autojumble, bound to find something you never knew you wanted…..

Good show, lets hope for better weather next year….

Brooklands Mini Show

The Brooklands museum is always a popular show, its held in the remains of the old Brooklands race track which is now a motor raacing and aircraft museum, it even has its own concorde that you can sit in and go for a simulated flight.

Our parking spot this year was on part of the old race circuit which is a very steep banking, although it doesn’t look that steep in the photos the Minis handbrakes were insufficient to hold it and it needed to be left in gear which was also insufficient so needed wheel chocks as well!

The show is a good one, in Weybridge, Surrey, a hour and a hlaf drive approximately. Usual mix of Minis and traders, a good place to get a stash of bits early into the Mini show season.

The site has a number of museums, aircraft and racing cars including a formula 1 museum with various F1 cars on display, well worth a visit.

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