Brands Hatch Mini Racing Festival

This year was the second time the Brands Hatch Mini racing festival event has been put on and this year was without doubt better than last year and last year’s event itself was very good.


The weather this year however wasn’t so hot, very windy and rain showers throughout the day, not the best for the racers but the variable conditions made for some interesting on track action.




Russ swift was performing his stunt show again this year and completed a lap of the circuit on two wheels.


Last year there weren’t many traders, this year however there were lots of traders for both new and old mini alike.


A very good event, camping is available for those wishing to see the qualifying on Saturday as well as the races on Sunday.

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Sharnbrook Hotel Classic Car Meet – May 2013

The devils first outing of the year to Brooklands motor museum was abandoned after some unseasonable weather resulted in significant snowfall and extremely cold winds, the event went ahead due to a lack of snow that far south but we decided as a club to wait for warmer weather and to give the M25 a miss.

This meant the first proper devils outing of 2013 was the Sharnbrook hotel classic car meet.

Having not been to this annual show before we didn’t know quite what to expect, it is set in the hotel grounds/car park and was quite empty when we first arrived, however, a couple of hours later the place was ‘heaving’, cars were penned in due to the shear number of people that decided to attend.

The chosen vehicle this year was the Mini and quite a few Minis turned up although there were many stunning examples of classic cars in attendance ranging from VW camper vans to modern day Ferraris and Lambo’s.


A number of enormous American classic cars turned up as did a top fuel funny car from Santa Pod Raceway, didn’t run unfortunately but can’t have everything. A few kit cars turned up as did MG’s and lots of very old classics in immaculate condition.


Well worth a visit, a great day out, they hold other car events there such as an Italien day which no doubt would be well worth a visit.










Brooklands Mini Day 2012

Brooklands Mini Day was the first proper Mini outing for the dinky devils, it is a fairly long trek around the M25 and is not always the nicest of journeys, but a couple of us made the trek to what is without doubt a cracking day out at an excellent museum set in the surroundings of an old abandoned race circuit.

old race circuit banking

The Brooklands museums are a good way to lose a few hours, with museums of both motor vehicles and aeroplanes, the museum also has a Concorde which you can go in along with many other old airliners that you can walk through.


We were very lucky to have a gloriously sunny day in March which meant we spent most of our day there out in the sunshine.

Hill climb

There is also a test hill which starts off slight changing to very steep by the time you get to the top, the Minis are allowed to go up the hill … if they can, we only saw one Mini fail to make the hill when a drive shaft disintegrated.

Our two club Minis

The Mini show is a mix of Minis, club stands, traders and museums, all in all a very good day out.

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