Brooklands Mini Day was the first proper Mini outing for the dinky devils, it is a fairly long trek around the M25 and is not always the nicest of journeys, but a couple of us made the trek to what is without doubt a cracking day out at an excellent museum set in the surroundings of an old abandoned race circuit.

old race circuit banking

The Brooklands museums are a good way to lose a few hours, with museums of both motor vehicles and aeroplanes, the museum also has a Concorde which you can go in along with many other old airliners that you can walk through.


We were very lucky to have a gloriously sunny day in March which meant we spent most of our day there out in the sunshine.

Hill climb

There is also a test hill which starts off slight changing to very steep by the time you get to the top, the Minis are allowed to go up the hill … if they can, we only saw one Mini fail to make the hill when a drive shaft disintegrated.

Our two club Minis

The Mini show is a mix of Minis, club stands, traders and museums, all in all a very good day out.